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Объяснение, что за штука такая вынесена в заглавие. На английском.

Подробно расписан кусок моего миропонимания. Другое дело, зачем писать о том, что сам ты и так знаешь, а другие, если вдруг ещё не знают - всё равно не станут читать? Очевидно, чтобы не потерять ссылочку, хорошо ведь расписано.

When he appeared on Desert Island Discs, Rolf Harris chose to take his own song “Two Little Boys” with him. When war broke out, Rolf explained, his father and uncle had both joined up, his father lying about his younger brother’s age so they could both join the fight. But their mother found out and dobbed them in, because she couldn’t bear the thought of losing both her sons so young. Rolf’s uncle joined up 2 years later when he came of age, was injured, and died on the front. Rolf’s dad was beside himself, and for the rest of his life he believed that no matter what the risks, if he had been in the same infantry, he could have crawled out and saved his younger brother, just like in the song. Rolf played “Two Little Boys” to his grandmother just once. She sat through it quietly, took it off at the end, and said quietly: “please don’t ever play that to me again”.

This story always makes me cry a little bit. 2 million people die of Aids every year. It never has the same effect.